International freight forwarding by road, sea and air

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About Us: Hertfordshire’s Freight Forwarding Experts.

Reliable freight forwarding helps you keep your clients happy

Clients can be unforgiving when a delivery is delayed.  Sometimes they are forced to look for an alternative supplier.  Lost freight means lost clients.  That’s why we help your deliveries to be as reliable as possible.

Our years of experience mean we know the reliable services to choose, and the pitfalls to avoid.  It also means we very rarely make the mistakes that can delay delivery.  The systems and paperwork required are complex and ever-changing.  We work with them every day, so we get it right every time.

The amount of freight business we place means suppliers are keen to keep our business and our goodwill.  Therefore, they work hard to make sure things go according to plan, and work hard to find solutions when there are problems.

Of course, no freight forwarding service is every 100% free of problems.  Air, sea and road freight all have their problems on occasion.  When there are issues, we make sure they are sorted out as soon as possible, and make sure you know exactly what’s going on. Our experience means we know solutions that other forwarders have never thought of.

Quick, competitive quotes to help you win clients

We understand that the quotes our clients ask for are often part of proposals for new business.  We know this means they need a quick response, and a competitive price.  We deliver these every time.

Freight forwarding by sea 2

Freight forwarding by sea


Simplifying supply chains

Globalisation is a fact of life for businesses today.  The internet means businesses can find customers, and suppliers, anywhere in the world.  Making this profitable for a business requires an efficient international supply chain.

We help our customers implement this. For both regular shipments and one-offs, we help make import and export as simple and cost-effective as possible.

Freight forwarding by road

Freight forwarding by road

Saving you time.

Our clients value the way we solve problems.  We make their jobs simpler, and save them time.

They want to know that their goods are shipped as quickly, safely and cheaply as possible.  We do all the legwork and paperwork to make this happen.  We solve problems like specialist shipping documentation and customs clearance.  This leaves our clients with more time to grow their businesses.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the usually the most economical way of importing and exporting.  The UK relies on sea freight: in 2017  480 million tonnes were shipped through British ports.  Goods vehicles passed through major ports 4.6 million times.

We help make sea freight easy to use, for large and small companies, and large and small loads.  We help you import and export worldwide by sea.  We can provide the full service, from door to door, or just a shipping service from port to port.

Freight forwarding by air

Freight forwarding by air

Air Freight

For urgent shipments to anywhere in the world air freight is the only solution. We deliver a wide range of cargoes to a wide range of destinations via air freight.

We have years of experience of working with the major commercial air cargo carriers.  This helps us find the best rates and the best schedules for our clients, and make sure their freight is forwarded without snags or holdups.

Air freight to and from the UK carried 2.6 million tonnes of cargo in 2017.

Freight Forwarding and Hertfordshire

We find that Hertfordshire is a great place for a business like ours.

We have great national connections.  We are just a few miles from the M25, giving access to all of London, and the M1 and A1, the two main north/south routes through the country.  London is very close : the centre is less than 20 miles away, and there is a frequent rail service.

We also have great international connections.  We are close to both Luton Airport and Stansted Airport, two of the busiest UK airports for air freight.  Hertford is 40 minutes by road from Heathrow airport, which is the busiest UK airport of all, handling almost 1.5 million tons of air freight per year.

Business in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire has a population of 1.1 million people, and a thriving, modern and diverse business scene.  Many Herts residents commute to work in London, but it is home to major companies in many of the sectors expected to grow in the future :

  • Entertainment : Elstree studios make world-class films, and Harry Potter World attracts tourists from all over the world.
  • Engineering and defence : Hatfield’s aerospace heritage has been built on by world-class companies such as MBDA producing missiles, Airbus producing planes and EADS Astrium producing satellites.
  • Life sciences : GSK, Merck and others carry out significant R&D in Herts.

What does a Freight Forwarder do?

If you are new to import and export then this explanation of the role of a freight forwarder may be helpful.

Freight forwarders do not move goods themselves.  They do not own ships, freight planes or trucks.  Their role is to co-ordinate those who do supply air, sea and road freight to move goods, and to make this as cost-effective, quick, and reliable as possible.

Freight forwarders organise:

  • the movement of the goods by air, sea and road
  • finding the best balance of cost, reliability and speed
  • transport door-to-door, or just dock-to-dock
  • risk assessments, where required

They also organise essential services and documentation:

  • insurance for the goods in transit
  • export documentation
  • customs documentation
  • bills of lading.

They also advise their clients on:

  • storage and warehousing
  • packaging
  • international banking and payments

The US Government’s export promotion site gives their view on what a freight forwarder does here.

Forwarding freight by sea

Forwarding freight by sea